Our Service Offering

  • We provide our services to social enterprises that want to enhance and add to the impact they create.
  • Our services are designed to ensure our clients have the strong foundation needed for long-term, sustainable growth in the midst of a radically changing market. 
  • Our offerings focus on five fundamental areas:  Strategy & Operations, Internal Value, Client Value, Human Resources and Technology.

New Venture Services
  • We provide our services to early stage ventures in the social / development sector that want to start or scale up their operations.
  • Our services are designed to leverage our team members' executive experience from banking, technology, and corporate consulting backgrounds to employ market-driven solutions in the social / development sector . 
  • Our offerings focus on four fundamental areas:  Business Planning, Fund Raising, Piloting and Scaling Up.

Program Management 
  • We provide our services to organizations that are carrying out large, complex  programs / projects in the social / development sector and want to manage those programs / projects professionally in a manner designed to provide maximum end-client impact.
  • Our services focus on managing all the stakeholders - internal as well as external, and ensure that there is a Win-Win for all the stakeholders while leveraging available resources towards delivering maximum productivity across all program components / projects.

Custom Consulting Services
  • We provide our services to organizations that want to utilize our team members' skills and experience in specific projects with specific objectives.
  • Our services are customized appropriately in discussion with our client to ensure we successfully deliver to our client's objectives and expectations.

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